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The benefits of using Target Café!

What would pay to send out 40,000 impressions of marketing materials?

Direct Mail 40,000 x $1.00 = $4,000 of cost

An ad in a local mailer 40,000 x $.03 = $1,200

¼ page ad in a magazine 40,000 x $.02 = $800

Target Café 40,000 emails a flat $150

Not only does Target Café provide the Marketing channel

But the analysis to measure your response as well. Provide

Customer feedback and the ability to change your offer every

2 weeks. Combined with our SEO resources you business can be

Seen by thousands of potential customers as well.

Target Café provides the solution to the small business need of Email marketing. Not only the set-up and mailing but the back-end analysis as well. Our solution requires the business owner to have as much or as little hands on as they want. Target Café does all the work.

We know the small to medium business owner doesn’t have the time or methods to reach out to his potential customers in the Email channel but Target Café does. From advice on the coupon to delivery of the email we are there to manage the whole process.

It’s fast and easy to get started and with no long term commitments. Sign up now and watch your traffic grow. Remember you get the entire item listed below all inclusive. There is no separate fee for anything. You really can’t afford not to test this valuable channel of communication to potential customers.

Priced on a flat fee basis per month per restaurant location includes:

  • Targeted Emails twice a month
  • Ability to change the offer or coupon each time
  • Emailing responders to your previous offer that a new offer is now available
  • Developing additional SEO traffic
  • Listing in or specialized local directory
  • Free listing in 50 other directories to increase brand awareness
  • Providing of Metrics and analysis for each mailing
  • Customer feedback available real-time